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What to take for a Cambridge exam

What to take for a Cambridge exam

What to bring for a Cambridge exam

Very important! Every candidate for a Cambridge English exam needs to bring:

  • ID with a photo (an ID, a passport, a driving license, a school ID) and
  • Confirmation of Entry

Every candidate should take a pen and a pencil.

Additionally, B2 First, C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency candidates must bring a completed and signed photo agreement form for adults and minors, respectively. This form, required by Cambridge Assessment English, is sent to all candidates before the session by Lang LTC Examination Centre sends.

Important! According to the new rules introduced by Cambridge Assessment English, candidates are not allowed to access their mobile phones during an exam session. Thus, please consider leaving your phone at home. Candidates with a phone will be asked to deposit it with an Examination Centre employee for the time of the session.

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