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How to check the Cambridge English exam result

How to check the Cambridge English exam result

In order to check your Cambridge English test result, please register at:
Enter your ID number and Secret number from your Confirmation of Entry – the document that was sent to you before the exam.

See what the login page looks like

When Cambridge English exam results are released

Paper-based session results are available approximately 6 weeks, and in case of computer-based sessions – approximately 3 weeks following the exam date.
The exact date of releasing exam results is given in the Confirmation of Entry document.

Cambridge English continues to work hard to ensure exam centres and candidates receive results within the specified time frame. However, currently it may take longer than stated on your Confirmation of Entry to release results.

IMPORTANT: Cambridge English Authorised Platinum Centre PL090 LANG LTC does not have the access to the login and password of candidates and does not provide information about the results of Cambridge English exams by email or telephone. Candidates need to check the results of their exams individually.

Statement of Results

The Statement of Results provides accurate results of every component of the Cambridge English exam as well as the overall score which indicates candidate’s level presented according to the CEFR scale.

IMPORTANT: Statement of Results is not a certificate and it only presents the candidate’s result of the Cambridge English exam.
How to collect a certificate? Check here.

See how the Statement of Results

looks like
Indications that may appear on the Statement of Results document:
X – the candidate was absent from one of the Cambridge English exam parts
Z – the candidate was absent for the entire Cambridge English exam
Pending  – results will be released shortly
Withheld  – the candidate should contact the Examination Center
Exempt  – Candidate who is exempt from one of the Cambridge English exam part

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