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On the day of the exam

On the day of the exam

On the day of the exam

  • Important! Be at the exam venue at least15 minutes before the start time. This applies to the written and oral exam.
  • What you need to take with you when taking your Cambridge English exam:
    • valid ID with a photo (an ID, a passport)
    • a driving license or a school ID for school students
    • your Confirmation of Entry
    • a black pen and a pencil
    • a completed and signed photo agreement form – applies to B2 First, C1 Advanced i C2 Proficiency exams
  • During Cambridge English exam session candidates are not allowed to have:
    • any electronic devices and readers, in particular voice recorders, laptops, tablets, smartphones and mobile phones
    • aids such as dictionaries, textbooks, etc.

Important! According to the rules introduced by Cambridge Assessment English, candidates are not allowed to access their mobile phones or any other electronic devices during the session or between exam components.

It’s worth considering leaving your phone at home. Candidates with a phone will be asked to deposit it with an Examination Centre employee for the time of their exam session.

Important! The invigilator has the right to disqualify the candidate who arrives late for the Cambridge English exam and / or does not respect the rules of the examination. Any attempts of cheating during Cambridge English exams will result in candidate’s disqualification.

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Reporting Incidents

If you feel dissatisfied with the service or something that happened during the exam may affect your performance (you were ill or any kind of disturbance affected your test) you must inform the exam coordinator immediately.