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Reimbursement and exam result enquiries

Reimbursement and exam result enquiries

80% reimbursement of examination fee

If the candidate was absent from the exam for health reasons, he / she may apply for a refund of 80% of the exam fee. The condition to be fulfilled by the applicant is to present the original medical sick leave.

The medical certificate must be sent to the Cambridge Assessment English Examination Centre Lang LTC (Al. Niepodległości 217, 8, 02-087 Warsaw) within 7 calendar days after the date of the examination.

The money refund to the candidate’s account, which was provided in the Return of the Payment form, takes place within 30 days after submitting the document.

100% reimbursement of examination fee

If the examination session cannot take place due to lack of the minimum number of participants, the candidate may take the examination at another time or receive a full refund of the examination fee.

If the candidate does not choose to participate in the examination on a different date, he / she should complete Return of the Payment form and send it back to the Examination Center at:

Examination fee means the price of the exam including late entry fee, if applicable, or the price package.

Reporting of incidents

If you feel dissatisfied with the service or something happened during the exam that may affect your performance (you were ill or any kind of disturbance affected your test) you must inform the exam coordinator immediately or inform us by email ( as soon as possible giving full written details of the problem. We will send you a written reply within 2 working days of receipt of your complaint/request.

How can I appeal against the results of an exam?

Cambridge Assessment English offers two forms of result enquiries:
STAGE 1 – clerical re-check of the points obtained by the candidate (this stage is compulsory before proceeding to the second stage)
STAGE 2 – full re-mark of the candidate’s exam papers (except the oral part of the examination)

Result enquiries may be submitted by e-mail to: no later than 14 days after the release of the results on Cambridge Assessment English website. This service is chargeable, as defined in the additional services pricelist.

Should the enquiry result in a change of the exam grade, the fee for the service is reimbursed.