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Cambridge exams recognition

Cambridge exams recognition

The benefits of taking Cambridge English Qualifications exams

Cambridge English exams are recognized by numerous institutions worldwide.. They are valued as an excellent tool for objective assessment of language competencies. Having such a certificate allows you to study abroad and improves your position on the job market.

The benefits of having a Cambridge English Qualifications certificate

  • it often exempts students from their final English exams at universities or from the necessity of attending a university English course
  • it increases the chances of finding a good job in Poland and abroad
  • it helps you achieve your professional success
  • it can help you get higher earnings
  • it helps you get admission in a good university

Cambridge English Qualifications exams recognition

  • C1 Advanced are recognized by ALL UK colleges and universities. If you are planning to study in the UKc – think now about taking the Cambridge English Qualifications Exam to achieve your goals. Detailed information about Cambridge English Qualifications is available here.
  • The knowledge of English proven by a Cambridge English Qualifications certificate, is extremely important while looking for a job. Having a Cambridge English Qualifications certificate on your CV will increase your chances of proceeding to the next recruitment stage and taking part in a job interview.
  • Cambridge English Qualifications certificates* are among the most valued ones by employers

In Poland Cambridge English Qualifications certificates are recognized, among others, by:

Cambridge English Qualifications exams are also the most popular among recruiters. Most recruiters pay attention to the fact whether a candidate names in their CV such certificates. The recruiters themselves usually have Cambridge English Qualifications certificates.

the percentage of employers appreciating Cambridge Assessment Qualifications certificates the most how much your salary might increase the percentage of employers who will see you as a more attractive candidate

*Presentation of data based on Millward Brown’s study commissioned by Cambridge Assessment English in Poland in July 2014.